Today we launch our SlingPlayer for Windows 8!

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 provides supports for yet another device where you can watch your TV anywhere ... in this case, your Windows Surface RT or Surface PRO tablets (or ARM/x86 equivalent), or a Windows 8.1 PC!

SlingPlayer is the perfect companion to your Windows 8 tablet, laptop, convertible or PC. With a Slingbox at home, the SlingPlayer software makes it easy to watch your live or recorded TV wherever you are. Find interesting TV shows to watch, change channels, control your DVR and watch your favorite shows, all on your Windows device. This universal app takes full advantage of the high performance, screen resolutions and video quality of Windows 8. The Program Guide makes it easy to browse content choices while continuing to watch TV. And the intuitive Gallery View helps you find your favorite shows, sports events or movies. Don't let it be trapped in your living room. Set it free with SlingPlayer and Windows 8 tablets or PCs.

Known Issues and Workarounds:

  • After logging out and logging back in, "Live TV" is not clickable on context menu. Workaround is to select program in Guide or Gallery, or restart app.
  • On Comcast set top boxes, Exit button does not work. Workaround is to use last channel button.
  • Auto aspect ration defaults to 4:3 on HD channels. Workaround is to manually switch to 16:9.
  • Guide doesn't change after changing inputs. Workaround is to restart app to display guide for new input.
  • Remote control remains unchanged when switching between input with coaxial and one without coaxial. Workaround is to restart app.
  • Guide and Gallery information not displaying for coaxial.
  • If a user has been streaming, and then goes to Guide, the Guide does not display current time period.

Learn more at our Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Windows 8 and our SlingPlayer for Windows 8 product pages!


-Sling Support Team