A new version of SlingPlayer for iPhone is available today! It offers useful features for your Slingbox 500:


1. My Media feature enhancement

Have you tried the cool My Media feature? If you have, then you've attached a USB drive to your Slingbox 500, and you've copied pictures and videos to that USB drive. Now you can now enjoy those pictures and videos from anywhere with your iPhone or iPod touch! Just launch SlingPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch, then tap My Media.


For more info, see Share your pictures and videos with the "My Media" feature of your Slingbox 500.


2. New adaptive resolution feature in Auto quality mode

To improve your SlingPlayer for iPhone viewing experience with your Slingbox 500, if the current network connection is good, then resolution is increased for better video quality. If the current network connection is not so good, then resolution is reduced for smoother-looking video, without skips or pauses. Note, this is in addition to the existing adaptive bit rate feature, which remains.


3. Auto quality mode includes HQ

Just like before, SlingPlayer for iPhone displays HQ quality video from your Slingbox 500 automatically in Auto quality mode if network bandwidth allows it. However, to prevent reduced video performance in poor network conditions, the HQ-only video option has been removed. You'll still get HQ-quality video in Auto mode if your network connection allows for it ... so the best bet for best video: keep the video Quality setting on Auto! You can also still specify SQ-only streaming or Audio Only streaming if you like.


Got a Slingbox 350? Good news! Streaming enhancements #2 and #3 will soon be available for your Slingbox 350, too. Stay tuned!


The Sling Support Team