Worldwide Slingbox devices




·       PVR à HP à Windows Media Center

·       PVR à Microsoft à Windows Media Center (HP)

·       DVDP à Magnavox à MDR515H/F7 | MDR533H/F7 | MDR353H/F7 | MDR537H/F7

Updated or Fixed


·       CABLEBOX à Amino à AmiNET A110 | AmiNET A125


Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific (PAL-specific Slingbox devices)


·       CABLEBOX | SATELLITE | DVDP | PVR à Humax à JC-6500

·       CABLEBOX | SATELLITE | PVR à Panasonic à TZ-HDW610F | TZ-HDW310F | TZ-HDW310P | TZ-HDW310PW | TZ-HDW611F | TZ-HDW611P | TZ-HDW311PW

·       CABLEBOX | SATELLITE | DVDP | PVR à Pioneer à BD-V8700R

Updated and Fixed

·       CABLEBOX à Buffalo à DVR-1C

·       PVR | DVDP à Buffalo à LT-H91DTV

Americas (NTSC-specific Slingbox devices)


Updated or Fixed


·       CABLEBOX à AT&T à AT&T U-Verse (Black)

Issues with Remotes




·       Search key is disabled on Google Fiber à TV Box | GFHD100. This will be updated.

·       Magnavox remotes have inactive keys on certain clients.



These changes are effective immediately. If you do not see changes, please reconfigure device or post on the forums.