New Watch on v. released!

What's New for Version

  • European release – now the new Watch is available for all European Slingbox users!
  • Localization of content in more languages (Dutch , French, German, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean & Japanese).
  • Support for HDS-600 Set-top box (Europe only).
  • Redesigned, jQuery-based SlingPlayer controls.
  • User-submitted feedback (via Settings page).
  • Added overview Help article for main viewing screen.
  • Added skip forward and OK buttons to player controls.
  • Added various menu localizations.

Bugs Addressed:

  • Settings tab is getting disabled after disconnecting any box.
  • Primary controls overlaps on Player controls in the Pop Out player (when resized).
  • 4:3 video pattern is not displayed properly on Composite input.
  • Volume bar goes past slider.
  • Slingbox reboots when the box name is changed to French/Dutch/Spanish & saved.
  • Aspect Ratio options are not aligned properly.
  • Model field not seen when select other.
  • Channel number is not center aligned.
  • "View full screen" tool tip is not hidden after exiting full screen.
  • Sources and Quality controls are not seen after selecting Best HD for component input (when Pop-up player is resized to small).
  • Remote keys are coming off to the next line when Pop Out player is resized.
  • The Help link in 'Upload custom remote bin file page' shows blank or no content.
  • The Help icon is missing in video tab. - IE8 browser.

     …and many other bugs squashed!