What's new for version v.

    Display and connection to boxes added through IP/port with “Custom” label

    NEW! Option for Admin to delete Slingbox 350/500 box in directory, consistent with legacy Slingboxes

    Close button for all error dialog layouts in Video tab

    Proper Messaging for unsupported video signal in Video tab

    Bug fixes in proxy and Slingbox name etc.

    Improved performance for Windows 8 users


Updates to Mac Web Based SlingPlayer (v.

    Unsupported video signal detection and messaging for Slingbox 350


Updates to PC Web Based SlingPlayer (v.

    Add property for current aspect ratio

    Blank Frame issue on switching from HD to SD resolution

    Windows 8 AV Sync issue on WMV/WMA codecs

    Unsupported video signal detection and messaging for Slingbox 350


Bug Fixes

Version bugs addressed:

- Windows 8 AV Synch Issue

- Blank Frame issue on switching from HD to SD resolution

- The script error is seen and application is getting stuck at loading settings if user navigates from pop up player to setting in case unconfig input.

- Select the help link on "Cannot find you Slingbox page" shows "this link appears to have broken"

- Pop Out stuck at "Connecting to"

- Save button in the settings page should be part of navigation button container (like all other buttons used in setup pages)

- Favorites limitation

- On IE the user scrolls to end of the box list and releases the mouse then directory gets hidden

- Unable to change the channel from the EPG when clicked on the channel name.

- Remote does not come up on the pop out player when the main window is closed.

- Clicking channel in Guide does not tune to channel, but jumps to top of Guide

- In setup your remote, no models are seen when the device type is cable TV box

- In setup your remote, on changing the device type the manufacture still shows the previous selection

- In Firefox we go in a loop from video to settings page when we click on "Yes" button to configure an input from popup player.

- Horizontal scroll is seen on HDCP dialog when page is zoomed

- In setup your remote, select the model custom, change the model and select next goes to "setup custom remote" page

- In setup your remote, select device type manufacture and model, select search and then pick Next button is not enabled


PC WBSP bug fixes:

- SlingPlayer in Internet Explorer crashes

- Blank frames are rendered when switching from HD to SD resolution

- Add property for Current Aspect Ratio in Plugin


Mac WBSP bug fixes:    

- Switching from Settings to Video Tab , Plugin crash observed


Known Issue: Some Windows Antivirus software may conflict with Watch on Slingbox.com (click link for additional information and solutions)