We've released new firmware for the Slingbox 350. The update is automatic, so most likely, your box is already up-to-date. (There's info below on how to confirm that.)


Here are some highlights of this new firmware revision:


  • SlingPlayer for Facebook works correctly with the Google Chrome browser.
  • The SlingPlayer for Connected Devices for Western Digital WD TV Media Player now works properly after a video quality setting change.
  • The Slingbox 350 now streams properly using older versions of SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices (although we always recommend updating to the latest version!)
  • In some rare instances, there may be a pink horizontal line toward the bottom of the viewing screen. This is a known issue.
  • Some video artifacts may appear and then clear up after many (half a dozen) remote control commands sent in quick succession.
  • There's an intermittent issue with SlingPlayer for Android Phones: when video is paused in SQ mode until the bit rate reaches 0 kbps, and you try to play video again, you get audio but no video. This happens roughly 65% of the time. The solution is to change the Video Quality setting, or else disconnect/reconnect the player.


The version for this new firmware is 1.1.52.


Curious to see if you have the latest firmware? Take a look here:


How to get the latest Slingbox firmware (internal software) for your Slingbox