We've released new web browser "plug-ins" for Watch on Slingbox.com.


These new plug-in files are for both for Mac OS and for Windows browsers. Here's a rundown of the changes/fixes:


Mac OS web-based player browser plug-in v3.3.18.363

  • Fixes issues with remotes getting stuck during download, not loading and causing connection issues, and general issues with seeing the wrong "tooltips" or blurry remote buttons.
  • Fixes an issue where device control will not work after setting up your Slingbox 350 or Slingbox 500. (Disconnecting/reconnecting temporarily fixed the issue).


Windows web-based player browser plug-in v.

  • DXVA is re-enabled; it can be disabled.
  • Fixes a potential Firefox browser crash that could occur on reconnect.
  • Makes a small change to video rendering that should eliminate some quality issues.
  • Video should no longer be “squeezed” when switching to the 640x240 (BETTER) resolution.


This change is effective immediately.