We have a new update to the web-based SlingPlayer!


This release is for Mac only and includes the following enhancements:

•   Your Slingbox performance will be more consistent

•   Improved performance

•   New virtual remote means fewer crashed, or download delays

•   Improved full screen mode


How can you help us?


The major change in this release is an all new virtual remote control implementation.  While there should be no visual changes, that means for our customers that the SlingPlayer software in general is more stable (fewer crashes), remotes should no longer get stuck at 5% during downloads, and the virtual remote control should more consistently display in Full-screen mode, among a host of other improvements.

But please note, while this update will make things better and we did externally Beta test it with a lot of customers just like you, we could not find and fix all of the issues with all of the remotes in our large library of devices.


If you encounter any issues such as seeing the wrong "tooltips", blurry remote buttons, or a failure to load, please post to the Answers forum:


•   The Manufacturer and Model of your remote

•   How you configured your remote

•   Screenshot (picture) of what you are seeing

•   Brief description of issue

We are working to resolve any bugs that occur and your feedback helps us make that happen.



Sling Support Team