We have a new update to the web-based SlingPlayer! This release is for Windows only and includes the following enhancements:

  • Windows Chrome users now get their SlingPlayer plugin from the Chrome Web Store, which puts a link to slingbox.com on their Apps page. (Note: While the link works for Mac users, the Chrome Web Store plugin only supports Windows Chrome users.)
  • Performance improvements to our streaming connection methods that should shorten streaming start up.
  • Eliminates some potential crashes or hangs that can occur when multiple streaming resolution changes occur in close succession.
  • Fixes to a potential blank video screen when an AV source changes from HD to SD resolution, or a channel change also involves a change in source resolution.
  • Audio codex improvements for additional stability.
  • Reduction in hangs when the site is loading and the "Initializing..." message is displayed.
  • Remote keyboard shortcuts should now work as expected on older versions of Firefox.
  • Changing resolutions at low streaming bit-rates should now work as expected.
  • Slingbox LAN discovery should be more consistent.
  • SlingPlayer log files should no longer get too large.


Thanks and happy Slinging!

The Sling Support Team