Hi Slingboxers - we just released new firmware (sometimes called Slingbox Software) for all owners of the Slingbox PRO-HD. This is a cloud-based update, so your PRO-HD should get it automagically, but you can also use Setup on Slingbox.com to check for updates.



How do I know if I have the new firmware on my Slingbox?

Just go to Watch on Slingbox.com and click on Options. Your firmware version should be listed there as 2.1.320.



What's new in this update?

  • The Slingbox PRO-HD is now always set to allow incoming connections from outside of your home network. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that anyone can access your Slingbox - it just means that this setting no longer has to be explicitly turned on. You still have to setup your Slingbox via Setup on Slingbox.com and give it a password so that it is accessible outside of your home, as you normally would.
  • Improved streaming consistency and relability.
  • Improved video quality for Composite and S-Video sources.
  • Changing video inputs for over-the-air channels now behaves more consistently.



Thanks all!

The Sling Support Team