Today, we've released new Slingbox Software (firmware) for all owners of the Slingbox SOLO. This is a cloud-based update, so your Slingbox SOLO should get it automagically, but you can also use Setup on to check for updates.



How do I know if I have the new firmware on my Slingbox?

Just go to Watch on and click on Options. Your firmware version should be listed there as 2.1.210.



What's new in this update?

  • The Slingbox SOLO is now always set to allow incoming connections from outside of your home network. (Don't worry, this doesn't mean that anyone can access your Slingbox - it just means that this setting no longer has to be explicitly turned on. You still have to setup your Slingbox via Setup on and give it a password so that it is accessible outside of your home, as you normally would.)
  • Improvements made to Internet Viewing configuration: If you move your Slingbox or replace your router, the Slingbox SOLO is now better at noticing when it's connected to a new router and does a better job of automatically reconfiguring Internet Viewing.
  • Both of these improvements help ensure that you'll always be ready to watch your TV anywhere.


Fixed Issues

  • Improved Internet connectivity for Slingboxes connected to some ADSL Routers.
  • Improves performance and stability when using the time shift buffer when connecting from a Windows 7 computer.
  • Fixed an issue where a green horizontal line could appear at the top of some video streams coming from 480p video sources.
  • Connection management (when two authorized users are trying to access the same Slingbox) should now behave more consistently.



Thanks everyone!

The Sling Support Team