SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7 is now available!

As soon as you get your hands on one of the great new Windows phones you'll want to download SlingPlayer Mobile from the Windows Marketplace and watch YOUR TV Anywhere!  We think this app is a great reason to own a Slingbox and enjoy a seamless, high-quality experience that shows off the magic of Sling technology on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Enjoy all the content you are already paying for at home.  This mobile player has a slick interface that makes it a snap to access your program guide and DVR wherever you are. And it's just $29.99. So go get it!


To use SlingPlayer Mobile on your Windows Phone, you'll need a Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO-HD. If you have a Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV, Slingbox TUNER or Slingbox Classic, you will need to upgrade your Slingbox. To learn more about Slingbox or how to upgrade your current Slingbox to the latest and greatest, click here.

New Remote Codes Added

In other news, we have added a few new remote codes to our expanding remotes database. Here is the list:


  • Comcast/Scientific Atlanta RNG200 Cablebox
  • Comcast/Scientific Atlanta RNG150 Cablebox
  • Comcast/Scientific Atlanta RNG100 Cablebox
  • Comcast DTA Cablebox
  • Comcast uDTA Cablebox
  • Cisco RNG200 Cablebox
  • Cisco RNG200N Cablebox
  • Cisco RNG150 Cablebox
  • Cisco RNG150N Cablebox
  • Cisco RNG100 Cablebox
  • Pace RNG110 Cablebox
  • Pace RNG110RF Cablebox
  • Pace uDTA-P Cablebox
  • Samsung RNG150 Cablebox
  • Motorola DCX3400 Cablebox
  • Motorola DCX3400M Cablebox
  • Motorola RNG200N Cablebox
  • Motorola DCX3200 Cablebox
  • Motorola DCX3200M Cablebox
  • Motorola RNG150N Cablebox
  • Motorola DTA Cablebox
  • Motorola uDTA-M Cablebox
  • Technicolor DTA Cablebox
  • Technicolor uDTA-T Cablebox
  • Thompson DTA Cablebox
  • Philips BDP-3000 Blu-ray Player
  • Altibox 36 kHz Cablebox
  • Altibox 56 kHz Cablebox
  • Cyfrowy Polsat DSB-616 Satellite
  • Cyfrowy Polsat DSB-717 Satellite
  • Cyfrowy Polsat DSB-717 (A) Satellite



The Sling Media Support Team