Hi everyone! We've released an important update on Slingbox.com today.


We're always looking for ways to improve and enhance the online viewing experience with Slingbox.com. We've listened to your feedback and come up with the best version yet!


Here's a quick breakdown of all the latest features:


Pop Up Player

Our users have been wanting to watch TV online while doing something else on their computers. This could be done using the Desktop player, but not on Slingbox.com - until today! Watch on Slingbox.com now has a pop-up player, allowing users to view TV online from an independent, resizable window, just like the desktop version of SlingPlayer!





Slingbox Password

Slingbox.com no longer prompts for a password at every session, making the viewing experience much more effortless and enjoyable.


Auto Connect to the latest Slingbox

One or multiple Slingboxes in your account? Slingbox.com will automatically connect to the last Slingbox you've used without having to fetch unnecessary information from your account.


Video Quality Settings

We've made changing changing video quality possible in ONE simple click instead of 4 or 5. Users loved it in testing, so we've retired the older, tabbed method of changing video quality.


How do I get this update?

Just visit watch.slingbox.com or click on the Watch tab at the top of this screen. If you already have the plug-in installed in your supported browser, there is nothing you need to do other than start watching TV.