• Remote Image gone on Ipad

    For almost a year we have been using our iPhones and iPads to watch our Slingbox.  Starting a couple of days ago, the image of the remote no longer appears on either?  On the iPad when we hit the remote icon...
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  • Slingbox 500 turns TV on but not off

    I have DirecTV, and the remote that displays is an older style than the one I currently have (I could use some help with that too, but that's not the main issue). The on and off buttons on the right hand side are gray...
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  • Cox contour cable box px022anc remote not available

      i have searched and i am unable to find any discussions about the px022anc cox contour cable box, i am unable to use any of the remotes listed for cox. Can somebody help me to rectify my situation?   Sen...
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  • Ipad app crash and close with JP1 Remotes

    I have a satélite box from VU+. This manufacturer not appear in database of the app. When I downloaded the correcta remote Bin file from JP1, and installed, works fine in Windows, Iphone but the Ipad app Crash an...
    created by manhattan222
  • Telergy THD601DC - need a custom remote for my iptv box.

    Hi   Just purchased a Slingbox 500 and I need a custom remote for my Telergy THD601DC IPTV Box. I hope someone can help me or point me the right direction.   Thank you John
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  • Issue with latest iOS beta

    I am running iOS beta 10.1 on my iPAD pro controlling my TiVo. My I select the TiVo menu using the displayed remote control it hangs.   My other iPad (not running the beta os) performs properly.   Paul
    created by TheSchwartz
  • Remote won't change channel

    My iPad or iphone wont turn on the DirecTv box. If the box is on it won't change the channels. If someone is home, I can have them change the channel with the remote then everthing works from my iPad. I need help fixi...
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  • Comcast X1 XR5 Channel Selection on iPhone doesn't work from guide without going to select.

    Anyone know if this has been fixed and how to fix it? I selected the dish auto select and it does nothing.  Tried both the paid app and free one (no free one back when i bought the paid one). Thanks!
    created by Woodzynh
  • United Tivu 1000 - Italian tivusat

    Hi there,   I have just installed a slingbox and hooked up my Italian satellite box onto it - it works great but I cannot change the channel as cannot find the right remote for it.   Can you help me please...
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  • United Tivu 1000 (Italian Tivusat)

    Hi there,   I have just installed a slingbox and hooked up my Italian satellite box onto it - it works great but I cannot change the channel as cannot find the right remote for it.   Can you help me please...
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  • iPad needs to be on when streaming via Apple TV?

    When using Airplay via Apple TV and streaming to my remote television, it appears I have to leave the ipad "on" with the picture running in order to keep streaming.  Is there a setting that would allow me to clos...
    created by Ejscms
  • Sling player will not change channels on both Windows 7 and Android lollipop. It did work before

    any help would be appreciated. thanks, Steve
    created by ippredators
  • tivo remote

    the power button on tivo remote doesn't work. Everything else works on the remote. i like to know if support  can fix this trouble that I'm having.  I Bet a lot of people who have tivo remote control are the...
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  • Slingplayer app doesn't show TV remote

    Bought rodu.  Bought slingbox M1.  Bought slingplayer for android ipad.  Loaded app.  Says it see rodu.. BUT, no remote show up on ipad screen. Mike

    Unfortunately, I do not require any support. I have feedback but apparently there is NOTHING for providing feedback.   My main point is the fact that there is a learning curve every time i install/use a new vers...
    created by drakedane
  • Problems with IPad Remote

    We are Cox Communications subscribers (Cisco Box) and are having real trouble with our on-screen iPad remote. We've only been able to get it to work once in the entire two week period we have used the SLingbox M1. I t...
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  • Ipad 2 apple tv newest slingbox 350- not going full screen

    I do not have the the option for mirroring inside the slingblade app.  It only has the option to go to the apple tv.  It doesn't matter what options I change it will not go full screen.  This is with ios 7
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  • Remote for Etisalat device UAE

    I Cant change any channel, volume, or anything in my ipad application. just able to see whats on in that moment.   any of you knows how to create a remote for ETISALAT UAE elife?   regards
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  • iPad app won't turn Satellite box on anymore.

    I go into my slingbox app on iPad and it won't turn the Directv box on anymore.
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  • Old Technology - Slingbox Classic and TIVO Premiere need IR codes

    Ok, I know I am dealing with old technology, but I know someone else has done this before, but my googlefu fails me.   I need the IR codes for the TIVO Premiere (series 4) and the classic slingbox. I have tried ...
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