• IOS11 - both earpods dont work at same time

    since IOS11 - only one earpod will work at same time using slingplayer app.. working one turns off when second one is taken out.. same on Ipad Pro, Ipad 4 and IPhone 8plus..  audio works fine for other apps inclu...
    created by raspo
  • Slingplayer app not working with IOS 11

    I just upgraded my IOS devices to 11 and they will now not work with the Slingplayer app. I have 5 devices that were upgraded and they all have the same connection problem now. they were working fine just before I did...
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  • iOS11

    Following the upgrade to iOS 11 I was very happy to see that Slingplayer still works fine with this new OS version. Apologies if this info was already available but I have not seen anything about this. Does anybody k...
  • iOS 11 and Slingplayer, anybody?

    Hi,   Have any Slingplayer users upgraded their iPad to iOS 11 ? Does it work or is SlingPlayer a no-go after iOS11 ?   I am a bit hesitant to upgrade my iPad to iOS 11 after all the issues with Slingplay...
    last modified by lkodk
  • dvr access

    hello.  I just got a slingbox 500 and cannot seem to find where on the ipad or iphone app how to access my recorded shows from my dvr.  Any help?dvr access
    last modified by cwwbbb9
  • Channel lineup refresh?

    Recdently my cable provider changed their entire channel linup. Now the guide on my TV and in the ipad app don't agree. How do I refresh the channel linup within the APP?
    created by tomvaillencourt
  • Problem with fuzzy screen in apps

    I have a problem with fuzzy screens regardless of which app I use (tried for MacOS, Android and iOS, latest versions), however, watching TV is fine. Sound works in all apps.   My setup is: Set top box (with HDMI...
    created by orkajokke
  • Newbie question

    I want to be able to watch tv on a tv at my camper about an hour from my house.  I know that I have to have a box attached to a cable box at home, but what else do I need to be able to watch tv at the camper (oth...
    last modified by Jeff_28602
  • Slingbox Pro HD on Slingplayer for Ipad low resolution problems.

    Hello,   I have a Slingbox Pro HD, and Slingplayer for my iPad Air (iOS 10.2).  The resolution on the slingplayer tops out at 640x480 on the HQ setting not matter how good my connection is.  Its fine i...
    last modified by mstrofpptz
  • Channels keep changing

    When I am connected remotely and change the channel, the channel on the home TV changes, same as when home TV changes channels mine does as well.  How do I fix that?
    last modified by ACC6756611
  • My slingbox, starting this afternoon, provides audio of te last channel I wantch last night and a frozen video image from the last program watched.  I cannot contro the remote, change channels or view the video for the current audio on the channel frozen.

    I am 1000+ miles away from my box that provides current audio for the last channel watched but a frozen video image from last night.  How can I rectify this issue?
    last modified by colmport
  • Guide channel just highlighted blue

    Hey, when my slingbox is connected i go to the guide which loads correctly but when i start selecting a show it just highlights the selected box in a light blue. It does not change the channel. When i does this i can ...
    created by mattgennaro
  • Help

    I just set up a sling box and when I tried to sign in it told me my password and email were invalid  however I was emailed twice by sling so I don't know what's wrong
    last modified by Claytonsoos
  • Help me figure out my Slingplayer/Chromecast issue?

    Hello all, I recently got a Slingbox m2 and while it's not perfect, it has been very good! I'm just going to list out the facts of what's going on and hopefully someone here can help me out:   1. I can cast fro...
    last modified by Tjm1658
  • Source showing as "unconfigured" on iPad Player

    Help...   I have a coax and composite feeds going into my slingbox. When I use slingbox player on the internet, I can chenge the source. From the iPad player, it indicates that the composite source is unconfig...
    last modified by apersaud
  • Audio not working.

    I changed cable boxes and now I can't hear the Sling player.  The video is fine.
    last modified by trpruett2695
  • sling box wont connect

    worked fine yesterday and today keeps telling me incorrect email or password
    created by ktw48
  • After Update to Slingplayer for IPad

    I updated my slingplayer app on my IPad today. I had a version that was a few years old. I am experiencing a couple of issues after the update.   - constant buffering on the same network as the HD-PRO - can no ...
    created by turdhead
  • Is anyone else seeing just a black screen

    My sling player says that it's streaming but all I get is a black screen with no audio.  Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
    last modified by proven25
  • Set up for sling Box M2 using HDMI cable.

    I am trying to install my Sling Box M2 but my cable box has a HDMI cable connected to my television.  Viewed set up video, installation looks easy without HDMI cable. How to I proceed with set up with current HDM...
    last modified by Johnnnyo16