• Old Slingbox vs new Slingbox

    I have a Slingbox from 2010 (think it is a Pro-HD), I am considering to up to a new one.   I guess I will get a better performance, but cannot really find What hardware specs the different models have.   ...
    created by 44nato44
  • Slingbox  500 Weak or no video signal detected

    I have the box hooked up through an hdmi converter,. I have replaced the converter, reset the box and tried everything I know to do. Has anyone ever found a fix for this?
    created by ACC6666197
  • Weak or no video

    I have slingbox on one of my tv's, trying to use slingplayer on S8+. I got audio and video last night and ever since I have a blue screen saying weak or no video signal. Please help!
    created by kjhij
  • Slingplayer 2.0.7 and Insignia ROKUTV

    My slingplayer app seems to work just fine for my ROKU4 device off of my android phone.  I recently decided to attach my ROKUTV (with slingplayer channel installed) to the app on the phone and it is not working.&...
    created by kenfla
  • Slingbox and chromecast issues

    Hi,   I bought a slingbox and a chromecast to watch TV from my home in another city but since I bought it I've been having the same issues again and again. This issue is similar to one from another post but did ...
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  • Vertual remote

    Cant find vertual remote for Cisco 9864hdc set top box. Any help ?
    created by ACC6573565
  • SELog.txt

    Slingplayer is creating this empty file on the root of my sd card.  how do i get this to stop or atleast specify a path?  very annoying.
    last modified by tgwaste
  • Very large SlingSS_Log.txt file filling phone storage on Android N

    A SlingPlayer logfile, located at: com.slingmedia.slingPlayer/files/logDump/SlingSS_Log.txt has grown to 6.28 gigabytes, causing low-storage problems for the phone. The log file appears to be full of 'NCM NULL...
    last modified by jthetzel
  • Sling player on Android phone - memory issues

    How can I move the slingplayer app to my memory card? If that can't be done how do I prevent the app from storing tons of memory on my phones internal memory. Example I watched slingplayer app on my phone for 5 min. a...
    last modified by bharkey
  • Slingplayer 2.4.4 won't connect using 4G LTE but will connect with any WlFI connection.

    Using HTC One M8, Slingplayer 2.4.4 will work if connected to any wifi.  If connected to 4G LTE, I get an alert that says "Can't connect to your Slingbox.  Please verify that your Slingbox is set up correctl...
    last modified by greenexpy
  • Very needed new feature

    When I use slingbox on my android in the car and watch video (either parked, or another person uses), going through bluetooth makes the audio almost a second in delay. I guess that is processing time for bluetooth in ...
    created by wmayo44
  • streaming problems proHD/solo

    hi i have a M1 and one proHD and one solo   all conected to my router  on a 100/100 line  the M1 can easy stream 4096 kbps , but my pro HD can only stream 1200/800 kbps so can the solo   i use t...
    created by grinyer
  • Slingplayer for Android 2.0.7 released

    I just had my Slingplayer for Android updated to 2.0.7   Any ideas what the "big fixes" are?   Must be minor as they left all the copyrights 2015.
    created by randomname
  • Chromecast button intermittent at best.

    Before I begin, I'm an IT professional and was a previous Domain / Network administrator as well and now work in Software / Database administration.   So I know a thing or two, but admit I don't know everyth...
    last modified by vtjay79
  • No cast button on Pixel XL

    Hey all, I've seen this discussion elsewhere on the site but it won't let me respond to that thread. I'm having an issue where my Asus TF101 tablet with a custom ROM will show the chromecast button and casts fine, bu...
    last modified by kingchrism
  • lose audio

    I lose my audio after a few minutes. Video is fine. I don't have the problem with Utube, etc. It used to be fine. any help would be appreciated
    last modified by rstaelin
  • Chromecast Button Missing from Android App?

    Hi everyone,   I am new to this community and was wondering why there is no chromecast button available on my android app? My chromecast works with all other applications (i.e. YouTube and Netflix) so I don't th...
    last modified by andrewteddy

    I have found a ton of discussion on this - so I wont rehash what clearly is already known   But since both Android & Sling updated their software the app is becoming worse by the day   CONSTANT freezi...
    created by ROBOPTI
  • Chromecast Android Issues

    When I try to cast to my Chrome-cast it plays fine for about 3-5 minutes and then the picture shrinks and plays for a minute more and crashes. It seems like it has issues with sizing itself to the screen. I have seen ...
    last modified by devguy
  • Way to change source's

    I can no longer change from 1 source (coax) to other inputs. See ota fine but can not switch to my satellite stream. Have unloaded and reloaded the software. Purchased the $14.99software with No luck. Help
    last modified by tpmcn1