• How do you navigate

    How do you navigate Directv channels with sling on Firestick.  I have been unable to locate the Remote.
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  • Opening newwatch.slingbox.com on MAC - LONG Delays

    Does anyone else have a problem getting newwatch.slingbox.com to start on a mac? I have tried using Safari and Chrome - It sits at "Launching Sling Player" for the longest time - I mean 10-20 minutes.   I dont ...
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  • use slingbox in Germany

    Hi all, I am considering getting a slinbbox and setting it up at my mother's place in Germany. Would I be able to watch German TV from my mac in the US? Not sure, whether or not a cable box is absolutely neccessary f...
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  • Does anyone else have large log files when using osx and sling box.com?

    I have found that I had a 25G log file on my Mac Air...needless to say 25G of anything seems a bit extravagent.  I rebooted, deleted the file(s) and found in my ~/Library/Application Support/SlingMedia/Logs  ...
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  • No audio?

    Is there any reason audio is not working for newwatch.slingbox.com? I've updated and tried in Safari and Chrome...
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  • Slingplayerforweb using significant CPU/battery at idle

    anyone else seeing the slingplayerforweb and its helpers eating up CPU and battery power while it's at idle? 2011 macbook air core i5....mac os sierra 10.12
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  • Account password stolen

    Just a heads up. Not sure how the person got the account, but it seems someone had the login/password combo. Admittedly, the account password is kind of weak, but still, someone seemed to get a hold of it and was usin...
    created by akarasick
  • Tried to update my Slingbox...  instead, made it unusable...  Mac/iOs...  HELP!

    So...   I tried to update the configuration of my Slingbox Solo to better use the remote functions of my TiVo Roamio...  (specifically, I was looking for the function of the "D" button to skip...)   W...
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  • The connected video signal is not supported

    I have all the component hd cables connected. But i get the message the connected video signal is not supported.  When i change ti to composite connection it says no video signal.  Any ideas?
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  • Web player stopped working, cannot connect to Slingbox

    About a month ago the web player stopped working.  Previously, when trying to connect to my Slingbox, I would get a short advertisement and then the player would connect to my Slingbox and operate properly. ...
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  • Trying to upgrade Solo the downloads stops in all atempts to upgrade

    Trying to get upgraded. After numerous attempts no success I am using my home computer> It ihas all the latest  upgrades IMAX. It upgrades right up to 25% then it nevers moves on!!
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  • OS X el capitan

    So I updated my MacBook Pro to OS X el capitan and now I can not watch my slingbox on my laptop. My browser/system are not supported apparently. Does anyone know when and if they will supported?
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  • sling player window isn't downloading

    hi every time i go to watch live tv the window opens but its all in word form not the regular sling player box and remote and it just says initializing how do i fix this ?
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  • Error W202, Have to reconnect every 2 minutes

    Is anyone experiencing the same issue? Every time I use any computer to connect to my slingbox solo I get disconnected after 2 minutes saying that there is poor internet connection. I have reset, rebooted, reinstalled...
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  • Video ads are an unwelcome "upgrade"

    I am a longtime Slingbox user and I am very disappointed that Slingbox's recent "upgrade" to its web based player introduces both banner ads and now video ads prior to being able to watch my own TV. I use my Slingbox ...
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  • slingbox names get messed up

    I just found that many of the names in my slingbox directory got messed up. I didn't do it. I have 30-40 slingbox in the directory and it is very confusing.
    created by chuliu
  • no video

    Hello, I have read some material regarding no  video signal, this is my set up. 1. composite cables red, green, blue no hdmi connected 2. I can control the remote to change channels, but like I said no visua...
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  • SlingBox 500

    Does SlingBox 500 works with any Satellite dish-service in Europe ? The setup is easy ? Wi-Fi is strong enough because my router is a bit far ? If I watch TV on my iMac in the room can someone be able to watch TV in...
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  • Just moved abroad and my SlingBox "is not accessible"

    I have just moved to London for a Masters program and bought a slingbox to watch all my favorite shows on my tivo at home. I used my slingbox outside of my house a few times before moving here and all was fine.  ...
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  • New upgrade Audio Issues

    ever since I downloaded the new upgrade, the audio is horrible on my Mac.  choppy and muffled, and volume can't go as high as before.  what's going on here?
    created by marcroyce