• Mapping a remote for Samsung gx-cm700cf

    Hello,   I'm working for a TV company called Comhem in Sweden (https://www.comhem.se/) on STB UI development. Comhem is currently in the process of launching a new Tivo STB, Samsung gx-cm700cf in Sweden. We hav...
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  • Missing buttons on Samsung GX-CM700CF virtual remote (trial 3)

    Yes this is better. At least it will eventually take us to the final. The code for Skip forward is now on Skip backward The button for Skip forward is doing nothing. The code for Menu is sitting on Last channel. S...
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  • Polaroid POSTB-1

    Hello all,   Have hooked on my Slingbox a Freeview decoder made by Polaroid model POSTB-1. The decoder and the stream works well but I am struggling to get a working remote control. Any help will be much appreci...
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  • AVOV TvOnline+ and TVOnline 4k

    Hi there, I have a slingbox 500 and I'm trying to use it with a custom remote BIN (which thankfully I received from here).  I'm having trouble with duplicate/double commands being issued - no matter what I try I'...
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  • uverse and M1 slingbox Interface not working since last Friday

    I have uverse and an M1 slingbox. Interface was fine until last Friday. Now, slingbox still connects, and will display the uverse video screen saver  but when I try to enter the select function to go into the spe...
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  • Wrong virtual remote for Pace DC550

    I have a Pace DC550 cable box and when I put that in on the setup part, it gives me the wrong remote. I've tried everything I can think of, nothing works.  I have Charter Communications Pace DC550 cable box with ...
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  • Slingbox 350 - AT&T Uverse remote issues

    I have had my Slingbox 350 since January 2015.  99% of the time, I am using the webplayer.  The remote has always been pretty terrible, but I was always able to navigate using the box where you can enter the...
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  • remotes for UPC - cable TV provider in EU

    Dear Support Team,     I would like to ask you to update/fix for matching remotes of UPC decoders - on your list you've remote of "Mediabox" that is actually for "Horizon" device and the oposite... remote f...
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  • Has anyone installed a Slingbox in South Africa???

    If you have installed any slingbox in South Africa, could you please advise me which option did you use to install the DSTV HD Pvr 2P???
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  • Remote for Motorola DCH70

    I have a Slingbox Solo and recently received a new Motorola DCH70 cable box from Comcast, and there are no remotes for the DCH70. I tried all remotes for Motorola cable box and none work. Any ideas as to how to addres...
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  • Triax c-hd 207cx new

    I got an answer from YSSlinger and I thankyou. But I cannot use all the buttons and I ask: how can I get a remote that works. I asked Triax and they answered that there was unfortunately no remote for Slingbox. I am ...
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  • Need a control code for the CNS BBTV Motorola

    Dear Sir,   I need some way to control this TV box that I have. Do you know what I can use to control this? Also is there another product that i can buy to control this product if there are no codes available...
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  • No Xbox 360 remote on slingplayer on windows

    I have an Xbox 360 connected to a slingbox 500. When I connect through watch.slingbox.com and pull up the slingplayer viewer on my Windows PC, I can turn on the XBOX 360 remotely, but cannot pull up any sort of remote...
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  • foxtel iq2 remote control

    here is an option to select a remote by choosing foxtel - other - code0 this remote seems to give most functionality of the IQ2 remote however it would be good if the remote looked like the actual remote from foxtel ...
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  • remote for zenith dtt 901 converter box

    does anyone have a remote bin for a zenith dtt 901? i've check placeshiftingenthusiast.com and alan richey's list i didn't find anything. So if anyone has it...or knows were i can get it...or someone that knows how to...
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  • A remote problem

    I am looking for the bin file for the remote of    ADB   NET-2721TW. .   Regards,   Moshe shin@netivey.co.il
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  • Bush FSAT+500 remote?

    Does anyone know what the actual model number is for the Bush FSAT+500 Freesat + box? and/or the .bin file?   My googling has come up blank.   Thanks, Stan
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  • Dish Network Remote UP/Down Keyboard Shortcut

    Slingbox 500 using Watch on a Dish Network Hopper DVR   I have tried IE, Chrome and Firefox, all with the same result.   Using the remote on screen works fine, but when you use the keyboard shortcut fo...
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  • On-screen remote always shows when entering full-screen

    I have followed the suggestions under "Read this first" to no avail (https://community.sling.com/message/10363)   Whenever I toggle full-screen mode, the picture is shrunken by ~25% and the remote is overlaid on...
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  • I'm looking for custom remote ( Korea U+ tv G 4k UHD IPTV )

    I have used BTV(Kaon BKO-100) of SKT KOREA. but I changed the service of tv G. I'm looking for custom remote. please help.   model name : ST940I-UP (LG)
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