• TIVO BOLT and Slingbox

    Upgraded Tivo from old series2 to BOLT since they offer transfer of my Lifetime Service- BUT now I am frozen out of SLINGBOX because there is no IR blasters ( Bolt is RF ) - there is no Component hookup either... BO...
    created by quickclick
  • Update stops at 25%

    I have a slingbox solo.  I recently got a new router, and when i plugged in my slingbox to it, it said I needed to update firmware.  When I click ok to update, it freezes at 25% and doesnt go any further.&nb...
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  • How to delete Slingbox directory entries?

    I have 2 Slingboxes which are currently connected to my router and working using unique port forwardings. The problem I have is that during prior troubleshooting of the Slingboxes I had set up different Slingbox names...
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  • Polaroid POSTB2

    My old Freeview box has given up and I have bought this one from ASDA, so it must be fairly common. I cannot find it among the devices on the list. What is the best way to get the remote to work. I have tried 20 at ra...
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  • Solo s/w upgrade failing during initial setup

    My original Slingbox Solo stopped working so I'm trying to install another one that I purchased on eBay (new in the box). My problem is when the installation process tries to upgrade the software on this new box it al...
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  • How to hook up Gang-Hu HDMI Converter?

    My set top box does not have component ports.  I purchased a Gang-Hu HDMI converter as recommended by Slingbox.  Can someone give me step by step instructions for how to hook this up with my Slingbox 500?
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  • Why does my remote keep disappearing?

    I have an old legacy sling box (cost more than the current new model) but when I watch on my laptop (in full screen) after a while the remote disappears - really a hassle.  Anyone else have the same problem? ...
    created by edieh
  • Customer service number

    Hi, what's is the customer service number and number for tech support in the uk. I've had a search and can't find any number even an email address would be good thanks..
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  • Cannot Watch With Chrome 52, 53 and 54

    Hello folks, I have had a slingbox solo for a long time and have never had problems watching content on either IE and Chrome. But recently I can no longer watch slingbox on Chrome, the extension complains chrome is of...
    created by 2araujos
  • Unable to change channels with Slingbox 500

    I've had my sling for a few months with no issues.  Then yesterday the channel got stuck and I was unable to change channels remotely.  I was able to correct the issue but completing a soft reset (quickly pu...
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  • Solo to Comcast Wireless Gateway

    I have a Slingbox Solo and just hooked up my new Comcast Wireless Gateway.  It is hooked-up via a LAN cable.  The Solo does not see a network connection.  I have reset the slingbox multiple times and re...
    created by rrorick
  • Changing channels remotely with Xfinity X1 Cable Box and Slingbox Solo

    I have upgraded my cable to Xfinity X1, but cannot figure out how to align the Slingbox Solo infrared sensors on the Xfinity box to allow me to change channels remotely.  I can watch my Slingbox remotely, but my ...
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  • Problem with US Zip Code

    I just got a new Slingbox and in the process of setting it up, I'm asked for my zip code.  When I enter it, I hit "OK" but all that happens is a keyboard shows up at the bottom of the screen.  On the keyboar...
    created by handicap9
  • network light on box is blinking. help

    network light on box is blinking. help
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  • Will X1 work with Slingbox Solo without a TV?

    Currently I have the Solo connected to an old comcast cable box (Explorer 2200) which apparently has a tuner so I didn't need a TV to make everything work.  The Explorer cable box has died and I need to get anoth...
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  • Adding a device

    I have a 350 now and want to add a solo to the directory.  When I select add a new device from the directory drop down menu a new page pops up asking for the slingbox model.  I select other and another scree...
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  • Question please--trying to switch my Sling Box Solo to Time Warner Cable "Arris" box

    Hi--I am switching my solo player from directv new a new company--Time Warner Cable--The box is an "Arris" but the model number is not listed on Slingbox--on the back its listed as MSP 2.1--question please--what sling...
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  • Slingbox Solo Setup just hanging "Locating your SlingBox on the network"

    Hi, I have a Slingbox solo and been using it successfully for years.  I have a new STB and I need to update the remote settings for the Slingbox.  The Slingbox is connected via Ethernet on the same network ...
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  • Slingbox keeps asking for password

    First off, absolutely nothing has changed in my setup. While away I watched my SB Solo the first day and next day it asked for password and kept saying "invalid". When home I cleared everything and reset slingbox then...
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  • Endless links but no help.

    I have a problem with my Slingbox, but before I get to that can someone explain why helpfull pages which may have answers to my problem only stay on screen for a few seconds and then redirect me back to to the main Sl...
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