• Slingbox M1 sound issues using component cables

    I am having sound issues connecting my sling box 500 or the new sling box m1 to my sony bravia tv...i have tried component and hdmi on the sling box 500 and have no issues wight he hdmi connection, but have sound (low...
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  • Cannot get working....Cox cable remote for Cisco 9865

    For some reason I cannot reply to the prior discussion I started.  Here is what I have tried.  After I installed the .bin file I followed these instructions:         1.   What ...
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  • Can anyone help with M1 remote control please

    Help. I have 3 M1 slingboxes in Denver hooked up to 3 DTV Genie minis with 3 Firestick receivers on 3 tv's in Costa Rica. Everything was working fine until 2 days ago when I found I couldn't watch anything. Through pr...
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  • How do I program Slingbox to match cable TV box?

    I have a Slingbox M2.  We recently changed the Comcast cable box that the Slingbox is controlling to a different model.  How do I change my Slingbox to match the model number on my cable box?  Currently...
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  • DCX 3510M

    i cannot find my Motorola DCX3510M on drop down list- any suggestions?
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  • alanrichey thanks for your help

    And this is crazy that I cannot reply to anything!   But, here is what you asked for:   OK, I downloaded the .bin file from the page you suggested.  Installed it and tried the remote, no luck.   I...
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  • alanrichie, I cannot comment to the last thread.....

    I only didnt include the questions about the solo, because I dont have that.   What else do you need me to get to you?   THANKS
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  • Cannot reply to a discussion- how to contact administrator?

    I cannot find any way to contact the community administrator. For some reason I cannot reply to a discussion and get an error.   Does anyone know what causes that and how I can fix it so I can reply? THANKS
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  • M1 cannot connect directly to TV - there are not enough component inputs on the TV

    I have an Entone cable box with Cincinnati Bell Fioptics cable. If I unplug the cable box's HDMI connection to the TV, then I can watch via my slingbox on other devices (computer, iphone, etc). When the cable box is p...
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  • Audio but no video

    With a M2 Sling box, I have audio but no video. Can you help me?
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  • Slingbox M1 Won't Hard Reset

    I'm trying to reconfigure my m1 and I can't get it to hard reset. I've held down the reset button for 2 minutes or more and when I go to reconfigure it, it still recognizes the old settings. Any help with this would b...
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  • Screen Saver or Ad?

    I connect to my slingbox via IE. I hear the TV sound, but my entire screen is covered by what looks like a screen saver (city photos that cycle through) and a few news headlines in the lower right hand corner. If I sw...
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  • Cox cable remote for Cisco 9865

    I have searched, and tried all the other suggested remotes with no luck.    What can I do to get the remote working on my Cox Contour DVR?  It is a Cisco 9865 model... .
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  • buzzing audio noise

    just got a M2. trying to adjust audio. buzzing sound on volume even when I adjust master volume
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  • M1 disconnecting

    Hello.  My M1 has suddenly started to disconnect approximately every 15 minutes.  We have good internet speed on both ends.  After several soft resets, we did a hard reset and reconfigured it, but it co...
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  • The connected video signal is not supported

    I've had a slingbox for a bit a week and it's been working perfectly. Today I tried to connect on my phone and I get audio, but the video is just a blue box saying "the connected video signal is not supported". I get ...
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  • Component Cables - Using Splitter

    I currently have a Dish Hopper, with built in Slingbox.  Will be changing that over soon to TDS TV, who DVR, I believe is a CISCO brand.  I have purchased an Slingbox M2, but found out that the connection to...
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  • Remote control VU+

    I need help can't find remote for my vu+ solo.   Any body have a bin file?   Lars
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  • Switched to DIRECTV slingbox no longer works

    Hi I have a slingbox m2 which worked fine.  Now we have switched to DIRECTV and I can't get it to work.  Help?
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  • Siingbox M1 problems with Chromecast (iOS 10.3.3)

    I've been using the M1 for about 2 years now with no problems.  Recently, when I am using Chromecast to watch on my TV and I change channels from my iphone or ipad, instead of changing channels my screen freezes ...
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