• Google tv not working with sling box now?

    When I try to login to sling box via google tv spotlight tv app, it redirect me to the website home page of slingbox, and tell me that my browser didn't support the sling player... But I was watching for so long and a...
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  • connection time out issue with Googletv (error 10003)

    I am getting connection timed out (error 10003) very often these days when I try to connect on googletv. Everything works fine on laptop and ipad. Is there any way I can fix this? It happens with both of my googletvs ...
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  • cancelling on-screen menu

    I have a Sony Google TV NSZ-GS8.  My remote control for this device crashed (and I find no replacements online).   No worries, I use the Sony TV Sideview app on my android smartphone to control the device.&...
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  • Slinglinks not working

    I have the slinglinks and all of the lights are not working.  Only the power light light up.  I know that my router is working because I'm using my laptop to write this message.  I tried trouble shootin...
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  • Can't get Sony NSZ-GS7 to work with the Slingbox

    Hello,   I'm trying to get some image on my Sony NSZ-GS7 from slingbox, but I'm having some troubles... I have followed: http://uk.slingbox.com/go/spcd#sony. But I have no App called "Spotlight", nor can I fin...
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  • Slinglinks - Network light just keeps blinking

    I have 4 Slinglinks and all have performed well until a couple of weeks ago.   Now none of them will connect with the router - they just keep blinking on the network light.   I have followed all th...
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  • Slingbox suddenly disconnects as another user has connected - Windows 8.1player

    I am the only user for my slingbox but i am regularly disconnected by another user. This happens very often with the Windows 8.1 player . The only solution is to kill the task in task manager or the player will not re...
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  • is there a player for google tv?

    is there a player for google tv?
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  • Onscreen remote is the wrong one for my provider.

    Can anyone tell me how to change the onscreen remote so it matches up with the actual physical remote my cable provider gave me? I have Cox Digital Cable in Virginia. I went through all the proper onscreen steps onlin...
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  • Who is the best:¿nsz-gz7 or nsz-gz8?

    Hello Guys,   Im tring to find a best connected device for have slingplayer, but, im not sure what of this 2 players ( nsz-gz7 or nsz-gz8 ) which are the best...     Can you help me with your experien...
    created by cesar.tobar
  • No onscreen remote on NeoTV Max

    I just installed the NeoTV SlingPlayer (NTV300SL).  There is no onscreen remote on the TV screen.  Picture and sound are fine.  There is a function (accessed by Green Key or Menu button) on the NeoTV re...
    created by javellar
  • Using SlingLinks TV can't access Internet but laptop can

    My SlingLink setup has been working great for the past couple of years, but tonight when I tried to watch streaming TV there was no Internet connection. Due to the fact that I had the TV, a DVR, and a satelite receive...
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  • SLing Link problems

    I recently purchased a sling link . I have plugged one of the links into my router and have all three lights working. I then plugged the second unit into a wall socket in the ther room. THe two units are linking but i...
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  • More than one SlingLink?

    Does anyone know if you can simply add one additional SlingLink device when you have two connected already?   I have an older SlingBox PRO currently connected to a main TV and a SlingLink pair. In considering ad...
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  • New Router - How to reset SlingLink?

    My Slingbox HD Pro is connected via SlingLink wireless.  Both have worked fine until I replaced my router.  Now, I can't get an IP Address to the Slingbox.  I am wondering if the reason is that my new r...
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  • Slinglink power light doesn't turn on

    Hello,   I have an slingplayer connected to my router through a pair of slinglinks turbo. Suddenly today the slingplayer couldn't find the network, and after many tests and checkups i noticed that one of the sli...
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  • Slinglink Ethernet Adaptor (SL300-100)

    I have 2 Dish Satellite receivers and a Slinglink on order.  I understand that I should have no problems if the Dish receivers and Adaptor are plugged directly into a wall AC socket, but what about other devices?...
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  • The effect of Electronic Fluorescent ballast on the Slinglink turbo

    I am in the process of trying to set this up and before I do it I want to check to see if Electronic Fluorescent ballast on the same electrical phase will impact the signal back and forth from the Slingbox to the rout...
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  • Both power/internet lights on, not recognizing Slingbox in Application

    I have been using slingbox for years now but i just purchased a NEW router. Router works great. There is a direct line from my router to my SB and both the power and internet lights are turned on. However the SB canno...
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  • SlingLink Utility and Windows 7

    Hi,   I'm running windows 7 and installed the slinglink utility however it tells me the HomePlug Adapter is NOT DETECTED. I've got other powerline ethernet (Trendnet) installed and their utility finds the Slink...
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