• Comcast X1 platform

    Before I get one for my Slingbox PRO I want to make sure the X1 by Comcast is compatible. I have the X1 already on 2 other TV's but the old Comcast DVR on the Slingbox and afraid to switch it out. Has anyone done it?
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  • How to reset your Slingbox (Video)

    We have a video posted on YouTube that walks you through how to reset your Slingbox (and what to do once it's been reset!) Take a look!
    created by Matt.Sling
  • Is streaming quality of new Slingbox models significantly better ?

    I have an older Slingbox Pro HD and a Slingbox Solo.   Both work fine, though the video quality remotely is sometimes a bit choppy.   (I realize that might be mostly my internet connection - but I ...
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  • How to Revert to DHCP

    Years ago I configured my device with a static IP address.  I now have a DHCP reservation for its MAC address, but I see no way to tell the device to revert to DHCP.  Network configuration appears to be read...
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  • Classic and ATT Uverse

    does anyone know how to use a SB Classic with ATT uverse (2wire 3800HGV-B. Is it possible? I believe I did the port forwarding correctly, but no internet viewing yet. Thanks, cindy B
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  • Can't connect from outside the network

    I can't connect to my Slingbox AV from outside the network, but it is accessible from within the network. I rebooted my computer, but still can't connect. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    created by Bob44
  • No video signal

    I upgraded to Fios Quantum and have a new router and cable box.  I set up the Slingbox exactly as it had been previously, reset the slingbox and the setup found the box, configured the remote control (which works...
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  • freeview retune fails at 52%

    I have a slingbox pro.  Due to the digital switchover in Scotland I need to retune to get freeview programmes.   I have tried several times and each time it starts to scan for channels.  It then gets t...
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  • Auto and Video Issues with Slingbox Pro

    Hello,   I bought a slingbox legacy a few years ago.  I have used it and it has performed great and I love it.  I recently purchased a new labtop and in it was installed windows 8.  The problem no...
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  • SB200-100 compatibility with Windows 7

    Hi, is there any possible way to make this model of slingbox to become commpatible to run with a Windows 7 PC?
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  • Hd Pro and New Router

    I have steady logo lights and no network light. I have tried reseting. My router is a newer Belkin. Any help would be nice.
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  • Public Ip Info at Support Page

    Hi,        The new Support page suport.sling.com promulgated since July 2014 is nice and beautiful.   However, the "Slingbox Info" (which list the public IP) is no longer available. &nb...
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  • Problems with the audio settings in Bulgaria. PAL Standard, Audio carrier at 6.5MHz

    I purchased a SlingBox Pro HD (SB 300-100) a month ago in the USA and sent it to my parents in Bulgaria (Europe) so they can hook it up to the cable TV provider there and allow me watch some European channels not avai...
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  • set up problem

    set up does not see my sling box classic. changed routers an was doing a reset on the sling box. have two other sling boxes that are working fine
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  • How do I connect my Slingbox to Directv HD receiver?

    My Directv has a HD HDMI output. How do I connect my SlinkBox Pro?
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  • WebSling Player for Dish kills my SlingBox AV

    I have a Dish Network Hopper with Sling, a Dish Network Hopper with a Sling Adapter and a SlingBox AV.   My computer is running Windows 8 Pro 32 bit with 2 GB of ram.   I just fired up my Sling Box AV thro...
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  • Losing configuration

    Hey,   Everytime my red beautiful slingbox pro loses power, it also loses all configuration. Quite annoying since I only can configure it from my local network (due to not accepting Internet connections when it ...
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  • HELP!  Need Answer before Trip

    We've loved our Slingbox Classic since we got it and used it on a number of trips.  Something has happened and I can't figure out what.   When I check my Sling Player at home through my home network (which ...
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  • network light and the light flashing logo

    Hi, I am my slingbox with the network light and the light flashing logo, done reset and back .What can be done to return to normal. Thank you.
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  • Slingbox Av IR Blaster

    I just purchased a Slingbox Av off of Ebay. I'm new to the whole slingbox thing so I had no idea this was something I needed. I see all kinds of ir blasters on ebay and amazon. Do they all work the same? I have alread...
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